Project with American Eagle Outfitters


CMU MHCI Capstone Project
Client: American Eagle Outfitters
Project Director: Laura Ballay
Faculty Advisors: Vincent Aleven, David Bishop
Special Virtual Advisor: Uday Gajendar


Zachary (Zac) Hinton
YiYi Liu
Charu Sharma
Bingrui (Bing) Tang
Zhaorong (Jerome) Zhong

This is an ongoing 8-month (Jan-Aug 2016) capstone project of CMU's MHCI program. Our team is working with American Eagle Outfitters to develop a solution that better communicates fit and feel for online shopping.


Fit and Feel for Online Retail

We will enhance AEO's retail process from an online standpoint, designing a mobile-centric user experience which better conveys fit and feel of American Eagle clothing and also better meets customer needs depending on what other requirements we reveal in our user research, closing the potential gap between the online and in-store experiences. 

This experience does not necessarily need to replace the in-store fitting room experience and could potentially be used to complement it.

We will design this improved experience with technology that could potentially be implemented within 3 to 5 years. This technology does not need to be limited to what American Eagle currently has.


Our Human-Centered Process


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